Plastic kwa mtaro

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It is very hard to find pristine spaces in our cities and towns

Let’s Think Creatively and Cause a Sanitary Towel Revoluntion

I really can’t get this issue of sanitary towels out of my head, yesterday my boss challenged me to think beyond a quick fix solution.Yes we all can give a part of our salaries to buy a few towels per month, but does that really deal with problem at the root? What if a time […]

Pretty Wings -By Maxwell…..I sing this song for a trully special someone

Time will bring the real end of our trial One day they’ll be no remnants No trace, no residual feelings within ya One day you won’t remember me Your face will be the reason I smile But I will not see what I cannot have forever I’ll always love ya, I hope you feel the […]

Window Seat Musings

Our Attempt

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I might have said some things I didn’t mean. And you might have said some–you didn’t need to. Makes me wonder if that was just the heat of the moment or maybe simply it was the moment of truth. For strangely enough, I thought about it all, way after we…

Wasee nichangieni doh za shule!!! Help me go to Amani Institute!

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Who am I? My official name is Naomi Wanjiru, my alter ego is lonesomebounty. As lonesomebounty, I tell stories through performance- dance, acting, singing, playing instruments- and written words. I have been telling stories since I was a child. My mother famously tells the story of how as a…

My Nairobi Chronicles 3 (Julz, Jojo and Emma)

Tuesday 4th February, 2013 So I am still on my trip to Nairobi.This is my 4th day and it starts on a bit of a slow note but picks up as it goes along. I start with a mid morning business meeting at the KCA Univesity with Victor, Kairo, Purity and her friend Joyce. Purity […]