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My Nairobi Chronicles 3 (Julz, Jojo and Emma)

Tuesday 4th February, 2013 So I am still on my trip to Nairobi.This is my 4th day and it starts on a bit of a slow note but picks up as it goes along. I start with a mid morning business meeting at the KCA Univesity with Victor, Kairo, Purity and her friend Joyce. Purity […]

26 of the randomest facts about me

So I picked this idea from my friend Ben who wrote 13 of the most random facts about him. I decided to outdo Ben and write 26 things that are least known about me which is twice the numbern of Ben’s facts.These are facts about me that you are highly unlikely to hear from anyone […]

Originally posted on Faith & I:
Image Courtesy of Osborne Macharia I decided to compile a list of random stuff about me…I just thought of getting all up-close & personal on this post….here goes…. 1. I absolutely cannot sing, even to save my own life…sometimes I catch myself singing & wonder who is doing all…

My Nairobi Chronicles 2 (In my Mama’s arms)

Sunday 3rd February 2013 I have longed to be in my mama’s arms;to feel the warmth of her  embrace and the sqeeze of a loving mama. These are things only a mama can do  and for that I am going home.To my mama.Mama is oblivious of my coming,in fact I haven’t told her that I will […]

My Nairobi Chronicles

After four months of being away, I recently got the opportunity to drop by, see that beautiful city, catch up with friends and family. I was in Nairobi for only one week and I gathered so much in such little time. Here is the story… Saturday 2nd February 2013 I wake up at Dawn. I […]