26 of the randomest facts about me

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So I picked this idea from my friend Ben who wrote 13 of the most random facts about him. I decided to outdo Ben and write 26 things that are least known about me which is twice the numbern of Ben’s facts.These are facts about me that you are highly unlikely to hear from anyone else. Do take note of the simple fact that this list is by no means conclusive.Here we go;

1.I can fluently communicate in 3 Kenyan tribes namely;Kikuyu, Kamba and Dholuo
2.I don’t know my weight or my height for sure.
3. I earned my 1st pay doing comedy with pilipili and Ndarling P just after finishing my class 8 (thats way back in the day, and I was the King of Mchongowano in my hood).
4. I have been to all the continents of the world except the Antarctica.
5.I make a terrible cook, in fact I prefer washing the utensils to cooking.
6.I am a ridiculously shy person, especially around women and I can’t play football.
7.I have a great phobia for rats, electricity and hot porridge.
8.For my 10th birthday, my grandad brought me a kitten which I named Elizabeth and kept her till she died at the age of 11 having given birth 6 times to at least 4 kittens for each round.
9.The highest score I ever got in all my Maths tests was 35% (I once scored a 1% when I was in form 1, don’t ask me how) and I have never found X in any of my Maths tests.
10.I prefer music to movies (in fact I think movies are overrated) and I would watch a movie with earphones in my ears.
11.I have recently fallen in love with gospel rock music. My favourite artists so far MercyMe, Casting Crown and Enya.
12.I have a huge collection of Kikuyu music from Paul Mwai to Ben Githae to JB Maina to John Ndichu among others with my favourite Kikuyu song being Agiginyani.
13.I only learnt the spelling for entrepreneurship recently.
14.I had my first house and paid my own rent in my 1st year of university.
15.In high school I had a huge crush on Jamila Mohammed and my heart was broken the day she got married and I stopped watching NTV for a while.
16.I have 59 shirts, 30 Vests, about 40 pairs of socks, 30 pairs of boxers, 8 T-shirts, 26 ties(which I hardly wear),and I brought 15 pairs of shoes to Zambia.
17.I bought my very 1st pair of jeans recently after pressure from my ex-girlfriend. I hardly wear them because I am not a fan of jeans.I think they are too conventional and highly overrated.
18.I am a terrific dancer but only a handful of people know this
19.My favourite beverage is tea
20.I know I will make some fine ass dad sometime in the future. I believe God for 3 children (2 girls and a boy) and I have names for them already even though I have yet to meet their mum.
21.My high school teacher of Kiswahili has never forgiven me for scoring a B in Kiswahili at KCSE.
22. I am currently learning isiZulu online.
23. I can recite Obama’s 2008 victory speech word for word
24.I wish to meet Nelson Mandela in his lifetime (or my mine)
25.I love politics and I will enter politics when I turn 40
26. I am secretly concerned that my best friend Jim is getting fat and will have a huge belly with time.

So there you have it just in case you needed to know.

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4 comments on “26 of the randomest facts about me

  1. You have managed to show just how much i dont know about you.

  2. I would wish to join you for Point 24 and I agree on Point 26 if it is the same Jim that I know of.

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  4. […] 26 of the randomest facts about me (robertolunga.wordpress.com) […]

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