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Wasee nichangieni doh za shule!!! Help me go to Amani Institute!

Lonesomebounty's Blog

Who am I?

My official name is Naomi Wanjiru, my alter ego is lonesomebounty. As lonesomebounty, I tell stories through performance- dance, acting, singing, playing instruments- and written words. I have been telling stories since I was a child. My mother famously tells the story of how as a baby I would be fond of crying. She tried all sorts of medicine thinking that perhaps I was in pain. Finally she had to take me to the doctor, who pronounced me healthy. But why was I crying so much? My concerned mother asked. The doctor laughed and said that I was just  trying to talk. I was telling them baby stories.

In 2006, I had just finished high school with two years of nothing much to do. I met Obilo Ngongo who was meant to show me how to apply for a scholarship to Japan to study engineering. My mother’s…

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