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My Nairobi Chronicles 3 (Julz, Jojo and Emma)

EmmaJojoNATUMOITuesday 4th February, 2013

So I am still on my trip to Nairobi.This is my 4th day and it starts on a bit of a slow note but picks up as it goes along.
I start with a mid morning business meeting at the KCA Univesity with Victor, Kairo, Purity and her friend Joyce. Purity and Joyce have both expressed interest in the Clarity 4 D accreditation workshop that will be holding in Nairobi in a month’s time and they requested for this meeting so they can get to ask questions and get a better understanding of what Clarity 4 D is all about. I had recommended the training to them. I think an accredition in Clarity 4 D will hugely enhance their careers as psychologists and I hope they get the funds they need to participate in the workshop either together or send one of them. Purity is Joy’s elder sister and meeting her today is the closest I have gotten to Joy since arriving on Saturday. I know not whether Joy knows of my presence in Nairobi or not but as I said before that’s just how the cookie crumbled.

After the meeting I decide to go to Kenyatta University to sort out issues relating to my graduation, I am hoping to graduate sometime this year. My journey in pursuit of education has been a long and tough one. I have had make some huge sacrifices, I have made and lost friends. I have been made happy and disappointed. My heart has been broken and I have broken a few hearts. But I have taken it with courage, with patience and with hope and determination.There have been times when it seemed like I had reached a dead end and there seemed to be no light at the end of tunnel. I lost my Baaba just after the 1st semester of my 1st year in University and I nearly quit school because of the challenges that followed. But through every hill and valley and through every fall I rose to my feet, dusted myself up, stood tall before commencing the journey again. I prayed and believed in God and by his grace I made it. I am proud of myself and I am sure Baaba looks down on me with pride.

Kenyatta University has changed quite a bit since I had last been here. There are a couple of new buildings and some more under construction. There are a couple of changes with the systems too especially with the processses of clearing and pursuing missing marks. But the people sitting behind the service desks are the same old guys. Your typical civil servants from the Moi days.They will open the doors to their offices but you will hardly find them on their desks and if you do, they will be rude and slow sometimes not even a little bit helpful. And, as I predicted my trip to KU yields not much fruit but my resolve to sort out these issues is strong that I decide I will still come tomorrow and the next and if I can the day after that.

I am happy that I am able to meet Juliette (Julz).Juliette and I as I said before have a long standing friendship; in fact I should say a special bond. We have come a long way and it’s funny how fate always has its way of bringing us together when we least expect it even when we have been apart for so long. Juliette is a wonderful lady. she has fabolous outlooks and a charming personality. She is kind and humble, very level headed and mature. She is also disciplined and trustworthy (I can trust her with anything). I feel very comfortable around her and she and I are free with each other and we can talk to each other abhout anything. She is one of those few people who have the power to get me to talk at an intimate level something I have to admit publically that I am not very good at.She and I decide to take a ride to town together and on the bus we get talking. I tell her about my life in Zambia and about my job and just when I am coming back home. She tells me about her life in KU and just how little time she still has left in and her preparations for her Teaching Practice sometime this year.She seems excited about it and I am happy for her.

We decide to catch some lunch at a restaurant in the CBD and continue talking and at this point specifically about politics and in particular the coming elections. I admire just how much she is informed about politics and about the elections and it is no surprise that she and I have the same political views and we have preference for the same candidates in these elections.Too bad I won’t get to vote.

After lunch she agrees to come together with me to the PA-K office in Upperhill. I am going to see Joanne (Jojo) and Emmanuella (Emma). I have missed these two beautiful ladies so much. When I started working formally for the 1st time these two were my first colleagues and we built a wonderful relationship professionally and socially. We had so much fun when working together and I experienced a great level of personal and professional growth while working with them. For the time I spent with them and the things I learnt from them I am forever indebt.

Jojo is a gentle soul. She is beautiful both inside and outside. She is laid back kind and humble. I have actually learnt the essence of spiruality from her and she has proven to be a great partner in my journey through spirituality and I have a feeling she has had a similar infuence on Emma too.

I love that Emma speaks with a French accent. I think that is beautiful and she is beautiful too. She walks with an aura of warmth thats inspires happiness wherever she is. She is funny and friendly and most of all I had missed her laughter. There is something about her laughter that makes it irrisistable and it just warms your heart even when you are feeling low. I must have a funny story to tell her so she can laugh and I can love it. I have known and worked with Emma longer than with Jojo and it is Jojo who broke the ice between Emma and I and brought us closer. Before Jojo,Emma and I totally did not understand each other. She thought I was a snob and that I was too quiet and I somehow just didn’t find a way of relating with her. But thank God for Jojo we are now the best of friends.

So Jojo, Emma, Julz and I get chatting. Not about anything in particular but just a random chat one which friends would have to catch up. There is endless laughter and happiness and that is what I miss most when I am away from these three amazingly wonderful ladies. May God bless their souls.

I love you Jojo and I love you Emma and I love you Julz and thanks for making this day worth it.


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