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So I picked this idea from my friend Ben who wrote 13 of the most random facts about him. I decided to outdo Ben and write 26 things that are least known about me which is twice the numbern of Ben’s facts.These are facts about me that you are highly unlikely to hear from anyone else. Do take note of the simple fact that this list is by no means conclusive.Here we go;

1.I can fluently communicate in 3 Kenyan tribes namely;Kikuyu, Kamba and Dholuo
2.I don’t know my weight or my height for sure.
3. I earned my 1st pay doing comedy with pilipili and Ndarling P just after finishing my class 8 (thats way back in the day, and I was the King of Mchongowano in my hood).
4. I have been to all the continents of the world except the Antarctica.
5.I make a terrible cook, in fact I prefer washing the utensils to cooking.
6.I am a ridiculously shy person, especially around women and I can’t play football.
7.I have a great phobia for rats, electricity and hot porridge.
8.For my 10th birthday, my grandad brought me a kitten which I named Elizabeth and kept her till she died at the age of 11 having given birth 6 times to at least 4 kittens for each round.
9.The highest score I ever got in all my Maths tests was 35% (I once scored a 1% when I was in form 1, don’t ask me how) and I have never found X in any of my Maths tests.
10.I prefer music to movies (in fact I think movies are overrated) and I would watch a movie with earphones in my ears.
11.I have recently fallen in love with gospel rock music. My favourite artists so far MercyMe, Casting Crown and Enya.
12.I have a huge collection of Kikuyu music from Paul Mwai to Ben Githae to JB Maina to John Ndichu among others with my favourite Kikuyu song being Agiginyani.
13.I only learnt the spelling for entrepreneurship recently.
14.I had my first house and paid my own rent in my 1st year of university.
15.In high school I had a huge crush on Jamila Mohammed and my heart was broken the day she got married and I stopped watching NTV for a while.
16.I have 59 shirts, 30 Vests, about 40 pairs of socks, 30 pairs of boxers, 8 T-shirts, 26 ties(which I hardly wear),and I brought 15 pairs of shoes to Zambia.
17.I bought my very 1st pair of jeans recently after pressure from my ex-girlfriend. I hardly wear them because I am not a fan of jeans.I think they are too conventional and highly overrated.
18.I am a terrific dancer but only a handful of people know this
19.My favourite beverage is tea
20.I know I will make some fine ass dad sometime in the future. I believe God for 3 children (2 girls and a boy) and I have names for them already even though I have yet to meet their mum.
21.My high school teacher of Kiswahili has never forgiven me for scoring a B in Kiswahili at KCSE.
22. I am currently learning isiZulu online.
23. I can recite Obama’s 2008 victory speech word for word
24.I wish to meet Nelson Mandela in his lifetime (or my mine)
25.I love politics and I will enter politics when I turn 40
26. I am secretly concerned that my best friend Jim is getting fat and will have a huge belly with time.

So there you have it just in case you needed to know.

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Faith & I

I decided to compile a list of random stuff about me…I just thought of getting all up-close & personal on this post….here goes….

1. I absolutely cannot sing, even to save my own life…sometimes I catch myself singing & wonder who is doing all the off-key singing 🙂

2. I would survive on Marinated chicken any day.

3. I would love to have 2 daughters who look exactly like Faith does, we still haven’t agreed on the names yet

4. I dream at least 2 times every night, though I cannot remember a thing once I wake up 😦

5. I get very weird bouts of claustrophobia, sometimes I have to get out of the bus to catch some air…

6. I have a thing for Faith when she’s wearing high stilettos 🙂

7. One day I would love to travel the world, sharing the love of Jesus to those who…

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My Nairobi Chronicles 2 (In my Mama’s arms)


Sunday 3rd February 2013
I have longed to be in my mama’s arms;to feel the warmth of her  embrace and the sqeeze of a loving mama. These are things only a mama can do  and for that I am going home.To my mama.Mama is oblivious of my coming,in fact I haven’t told her that I will be coming home. My friends think I am being malicious and I agree to some extent but I really want to surprise HER.

And I know just the thing to do; today being a Sunday I will dress sharp (in a way I know mama would be impressed), and go to church. I will sit at the spot Baaba used to sit. I have noticed on many occasions before mama throwing quick glances at that spot. I bet in those moments she misses Baaba and today when she throws a glance I will be there, seated, smiling.

I am dressed in black linen pants and a blue linen shirt tailored in African design. I have also acquired a new bible and I will bring that too. I am swept in a wave of emotions in anticipation of mama’s reaction when she sees me. Will she be spiteful of me for not telling her of my coming?or will her heart skip a beat?. Well I will find out in a few.

I have missed being in this church. I have never in my life had this kind of experience where there is so much spiritual outpouring before God. The music is good and the worship does well to lead me closer to God. But most of my attention is on mama. She is so beautiful in her weave and a pink dress. Mama likes to sing her heart out and over the last 4 years since Baaba went to be with the lord I have seen her grow closer and closer to God. She has given her life to the ministry (albeit at a huge personal sacrifice of her family) and she has become a priest and a prophet over our lives. She lives a prayerful life and I feel safe in the lord because whenever she prays for us (her children) she mentions each one of us by name and just what eaxctly she wants the lord to accomplish in our lives. I believe I am what I am today because of mama’s prayers.

I can see her from the balcony. She looks unsettled, like something is on her mind. It is typical of mama to have things on her mind. She worries a lot, or may be she has a lot to worry about but I worry about her too.I want all the good there is for her. she has been the best gift to us for always and especially since Baaba has been gone. She has made huge sacrifices and she continues to do so and its propably what’s is on her mind right now. I know seeing me would make her happy and probably drive her mind from whatever is bothering her and I try all I can to make her look up to where I am. It is funny how things don’t happen when you want them to and today for some reason mama isn’t looking up. I try beeping her phone and even sending her a text but she just won’t look up. I will be patient even though I too am unsettled now wondering what could be going through her mind, if she could just look up and tell me.

Shortly the pastor takes the pulpit and I have hope that in one of those tell your neighbour moments mama will look up.Common pastor, allow us to even pinch our neighbours…..And I am not wrong because mama does look up eventually. Her eyes open wider as do mine, her smile spreads from cheek to cheek and she is fighting tears as do I, mine are tears of joy and I hope hers are too. Of course they are,mama’s eyes are like a window to her soul and I have learnt over these years to know her heart through her eyes.Neither her nor I pay attention to the message today. I can’t wait to get down there and have her wrap me in her arms and have me in a long loving embrace. Many months have I wandered, been through many hugs but this one has always been special and if I could leap over the balcony just to get down to where mama is I would.

Mama’s embrace has never dissapointed. It is in her arms that I am sure I will always find true love, given wholeheartedly with nothing held back. It is such a joy to be in her arms and both she and I don’t want to let go. It feels like home.

My first instinct is to take her to a supermarket and luckly there is one nearby. I have come to have my ways of knowing when she is worried about what she will serve her guests. I have never considered myself a guest in her home, but she has always wanted a kingly treatment for me and is something I have learnt not to fight with time. So my instinct is to take her to a supermarket and have her pick anything she wants to make for lunch. She is shy at first (as always) but I assure her I will pay for everything and anything she picks and within a short time she has done a month’s worth of shopping. I love this woman.

Mama lives in a simple single room in the neighbourhood of Kimbo Githurai which she shares with my babay sister Elizabeth and my adopted sister waithera. But this time I am met by a sight I least expected. Mama now shares her single room with another lady (I can’t remember her name so I will call her Mary) and her son Njuguna so together with my two sisters there are 5 people in my mother’s household. It is not unusual for my mum to open her door to her friends and host them when things go wrong for them. In fact I think this is something she learnt from my grandmother. But I say this here hoping that Kenyans would learn a very simple lesson from my mum and her friend Mary. Mary is Kikuyu and we are Luo. The rivalry between the Luo and the Gikuyu in Kenyan is a fact that is known world over and is pretty unusual that on an election year like this one a Luo and a Kikuyu woman would ignore all societal and political stereotypes and share  more than just a small room but everything that comes with it. It means that when there is a meal they will share it equally with the children and when there is none they will share in the spirit and go to bed some even next to each other.

I understand that Mary’s sister also makes some to stop over and stays with them till late night just chatting and sharing the word of God. Mary’s sister’s daughter Njeri has also become a very good friend of my baby sister’s and I enjoy sitting there and watching them play their children games of making food for non-existing guests. Of important note is that Mary and her sister are staunch supporters of Uhuru Kenyatta’s Jubilee Alliance (which apparently is launching it Manifesto today at an event aired live on TV and we watch it together) while my mum is an ardent supporter of Raila Odinga’s CORD Coalition. But their political differences have not affected their friendship in any way. I am so inspired by this and wishing all Kenyans can see it.

We share a meal and they get me to talk about Zambia. Mama is particularly interested in knowing if I have already found a Zambian girlfriend or if she should start hoping for grandchildren.Liz is laughing at me cheekily that I have to explain why I haven’t gotten a Zambian girlfriend yet. Mama says she is praying for one. In my defense I say I havent been lucky to find one yet and that most of the girls I have met in Zambia drink alcohol a lot and that I have seen many women grow beard when they get old. But mama won’t have it. She says I can find a good girl in church at which point I promise to start being keen on finding one but secretly I wish she knew I am not interested.

Today, has been the climax of my Nairobi tour and I have had he most amazing experience but it is getting dark outside and I have to be on my way to my place. I don’t wanna let go of this moment but I have to.



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My Nairobi Chronicles


After four months of being away, I recently got the opportunity to drop by, see that beautiful city, catch up with friends and family. I was in Nairobi for only one week and I gathered so much in such little time. Here is the story…

Saturday 2nd February 2013
I wake up at Dawn. I have to catch mid morning flight from Dar. My taxi driver had promised to pick me up early morning so we could be the traffic to the airport. I agree to this arrangement which will see me go to the airport 3 hours earlier but I am OK with that because it means I will be closer to Nairobi. I have to admit there is a bit of anxiety and anticipation over could Nairobi looks like now four months later and with the elections just around the corner.But I am also anxious to see my mum, baby sister (the closest family I have in Nairobi currently) and my best friend and House Mate Jim.The 3rd edition of Me for My Neigbour is also happening on this day I am also anxious to be attending it too. I am a bit disappointed that my friend Makena won’t be attending due to other commitments but thats OK.

At about 1035 hours, I am on board the one hour flight to Nairobi. I can’t afford to sleep on this short flight. Anxiety and excitement are keeping me awake. There seems to be a smile on my face at the thought of being home and seeing every one I wasn’t able to see over christmas. There is the day’s edition of the Nairobi Star at the seat pocket in front of me and just like that I have found something that will draw my focus from home albeit for only an hour.The newspaper has a significant amount of political analysis given that Kenya is just about a month to the general election. There is so much about how Kenyans will most likely vote along tribal lines, how Mudavadi won’t win the Luhya vote among other non-interesting stuff some truthful, some half truth and others just out-right lie, but thats OK I will read the paper anyway.

The pilot has just announced that we are about to land in Nairobi. It feels like home.Usually I would be met by my mum at the airport but this time I am keeping my being in Nairobi a secret because I want to surprise her in church tomorrow.I switch on my phone and insert my Safricom sim which I haven’t used in a while now. Sospeter and Christine had tried to call. Christine did know I was coming to Nairobi I don’t how Sos found out. I won’t call him,if I do he will call my mum and tell her I am around and that way ruin my surprise. I don’t think mum would forgive me if she found out that way. So I won’t call.

But Ifeel the need to call someone, I must call someone and just hear their voice. Usually Joy would be the 1st person I call but not this time. It’s a hard thing to deal with that I can’t call Joy on my 1st day in Kenya after 4 months but thats just how the cookie crambled . But I really need to call someone, should I call my mum?No, that won’t make the surprise worth it? should I call Jim? No, for some reason this someone has got to be a woman…but which woman?Karen? No. Georginah? No. Jess? No. Juliette? Juliette,mmmmmmh!!! Juliette, yes Juliette. I will call Juliette.She and I have been friends for the longest time. She is special with a great personality. She is one of those friends of mine who never hold the truth from me no matter how tough that truth is.She is beautiful, level headed and charming and I have always enjoyed having intelligent conversations with her.She doesn’t dissapoint, she gives me that feeling of being home.

I am cleared at the immigration desk as quick as I wished it would be and soon am on a taxi home. I am about an hour late for Me for My Neighbour but Kennedy has assured me I will catch it so I relax. I have by now made a couple of phone calls and a quite a number of my friends know of my presence in Nairobi. I am mesmerised by Nairobi’s atmosphere. The city is engulfed in the campaign fever and all sorts of posters are everywhere. Out of curiosity I start a conversation with my taxi driver on the forth coming elections. It is to tell his tribe and hence is political inclination from his content, opinion and accent. I am a bit concerned though about his thoughts on the sensitive land issue which has lately sparked emotive reactions from a cross-section of Kenya. Due to the ignorance of the electorate politicians have used this issue to propagate propaganda and I am unsure whether we learnt anything from 2007/2008.But I am not here to discuss the elections so the conversation ends shortly and I keep my focus on getting to Mathare.

I join Kennedy and his friends on a Door to Door mission in Mathare. We are sharing food, clothes and other goodies with needy families in this neighbourhood. It is called Me for My Neighbour. This is not your usual charity of just giving what you have. No. There is something special about me for my neighbour. It is about hunting souls for christ by sharing his love. We visit 16 families and 10 of these have given their lives to christ. This is by far the most rewarding way of spending the 1st of my 7 day visit to Nairobi.

In the evening Kennedy and I decide to catch a meal at a christian restuarant in town and we are later joine by Karen and Robert. Karen and Robert have grown to be my favorite couple. I am motivated by how they overcome the challenges of youth to be so genuinely in love with each other. I am impressed by the young, beautiful and intelligent young woman Karen is blossoming into capable of holding her own. But most of all I am proud of the man my brother Robert is growing into.I can tell he loves his girl, has made her so happy and he is such a gentleman with her. I am proud of them both and will do my best to support them (but I say that only to myself).

It’s getting dark outside and my first day in Nairobi is slowly coming to an end. It has been a long day and I really must get some rest and look forward to the next day when I get to see my lovely mum.

Soul Reflections

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Faith & I

Brenda-4Today we feature the amazing & talented MALI actress Brenda Wairimu. This was a shoot we did a while ago….indulge & do not forget to tell us what you think of it….








Brenda-12-copyHope you loved the images,

Thanks for taking the time, God Bless…

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Olunga Otieno

waving flag

The 4 Dimensions of Olunga Otieno
1st Dimension: How Olunga Sees Himself
One of his strengths is the initiating of new ideas, and an area for development is the completion of those new ideas. When he comes up with a new idea, he will immerse himself in it straight away. Olunga is lively, hard-working, passionate, responsible and influential. He is driven by his strong imagination to turn his ideas into fruition. He is happy to have a go at anything, but would prefer it to be hands-on rather than intellectual. He may switch off a job once it has become predictable and regular, and start looking for a new project.

He is happy to let others sort out the technical side of a project while he concentrates on creating a good working atmosphere. He has a sunny nature and because he doesn’t like painful situations, he may not confront his personal worries. Olunga can get irritable when he has to spend too much time on tedious tasks on his own. He has an interest in seeing the future possibilities in people and situations.

He wants to be recognised and praised and is de-motivated when others do not show approval or reject his ideas. Olunga achieves great satisfaction by being of service and assistance to others. Olunga is enthused by new challenges and demonstrates originality in achieving them. He enjoys learning new things and can overcome despondency by starting a new interesting project. He has a natural flair for presentation. He likes to work in an exciting and stimulating environment, and if it is not, he will work at creating that environment.

He enjoys the social interaction of work and has several projects on the go at the same time. He has an ability to correctly assess people and situations and will normally be right about the underlying motivation. He can still be upset when a relationship goes sour. He is motivated by future possibilities and the affect these possibilities may have on others. He can come up with more concepts, possibilities, plans and opportunities than the average human being. Olunga spreads warmth and enthusiasm. He sees positives in every situation and especially in other people. He is most effective mentally when he is working with people.

He is an eternal optimist, looking for a positive in every situation. Olunga demonstrates strong loyalty to the people in his team. He is an inspiring and gifted visionary who is able to motivate most people to action. Olunga is constantly searching for new ideas and experiences.

Olunga has a natural warmth, charm and ability to understand others which gives him a great deal of self-confidence. He is an effective leader, able to convince people of the benefits of his vision. His buoyant, extraverted nature may cause him to overlook the importance of some situations. Highly intuitive about others, Olunga cares for their future development. Olunga is a highly attractive and charming individual with a natural gift of the gab. He likes to be on the go with other busy people. How he feels is important to Olunga and he will bring a warm and friendly atmosphere into any work environment that he finds himself in.

Olunga is an attractive and well-liked colleague, using his quick wit and endless enthusiasm to good advantage. Olunga has an even-tempered and congenial nature that attracts people to him and he has a wide circle of friends and is known by a great number of people. His main objective is build a happy and harmonious relationship with the people he is in touch with. Highly socially aware, he is usually seen as charming, stylish, attractive and good company.

He is well known for his natural ability to motivate others and demonstrates excellent people skills. He does not welcome negative feedback about his personal style as he considers these to be defaming his character. He finds something positive in everyone and this is a strongly held value for him. He excels at communicating and uses his gift of eloquence to best effect. He likes to create an energetic and bustling environment around him.

He is inclined to make assumptions and can take action that is based on wrong information. His natural inquisitiveness will bring a fresh approach and “out of the box” ideas to the group. His preference for happy relationships will cause him to put a lot of energy into making them work. He sometimes makes decisions based on his emotional response to a situation rather than the facts about the situation. He tends to over promise because he wants to please others. He seems to make decisions based on his own emotions which may be as meaningful to him as more objective facts.

He likes projects which have a flexible timescale. If he concentrates more on facts and not just people, it would help his decision making. His sometimes haphazard, yet blunt approach, can sometimes make him seem inconsistent. When making decisions he may overstep his authority and have to apologise for not getting prior permission.

He prefers to get a group decision rather than impose his own opinion. He has a preference to talk through ideas which helps others to understand where he is coming from. He may put opinions of the team over data and facts when deciding on an action plan. His motto might be “Live now, pay later” and he tends to view the world by how his decisions impact on those around him. He likes to verbalise ideas with people and finds this a useful decision making strategy.

Strongest Areas
In no particular order, these are what Olunga considers to be his major strengths and intrinsic talents.

Articulate and Has highly developed
encouraging. social skills.
Adaptable and creates Flexible and all round
good relationships. people skills.

Starts new projects. Active and involved
member of the team.

Can be lively,
demonstrative and Warm and friendly.
Instinctive and positive. Discerning and creative.

3rd Dimension: Areas of Hidden Potential
Olunga has the following areas of potential growth

Can hold a grudge and Comes up with so many
ideas that it causes
make you aware of it.

Comes up with an May not see everything
answer before the he starts through to
question has been asked. completion..

Speaks out when May not look closely
criticised. enough at the details.

May not engage with Can become low in
others who have a spirits if faced with boring
quieter style than him. or tedious tasks.

Doesn’t like mundane Becomes intolerant with
too many similar and
tasks and will avoid them.
mundane tasks.

Olunga Otieno in a Team

These are the key attributes and talents Olunga brings to a team. Circulate the following pages around the team.

Exhibits great Is in tune with what’s
motivation, focus and happening with regard to
extraversion. personal interactions.

Starts projects, makes them happen and vindicates the outcomes.

Is hard working and committed to achieving results.

Is flexible, quick witted, creative and spontaneous.

Builds rapport by being Is prepared to lead by
sensitive and reactive. example.

Often the activities centre round his “performance” in a group.

Uses his natural people skills.

Finds it easy to make friends.

Olunga in a Team – Communicating with Olunga

Effective communication is essential to good teamwork, and individuals have preferred strategies that help them to send and receive the message. When we use their preferred style, we can reduce the barriers that may cause the message to be misinterpreted.

Here are strategies to help communicate with Olunga:

To Communicate Effectively What Not to Do

Allow time for team interaction.

Act in a positive and energetic manner.

Give detailed time scales and deadlines to ensure completion on time.

Boost his ego and sense of self-esteem.

Talk in an animated manner.

Make sure there is enough time for laughter and social interaction.

Be flexible when change of direction occurs.

Be approachable and allow time for extra curricula activities.

Motivate him by reminding him of previous successful outcomes.

Be concerned about his views and prepared to talk about private matters.

Give him low key and regular feedback.

Help him to keep to the structured plans.

Give the impression that you are not listening.

Develop a competitive or antagonistic atmosphere which doesn’t allow for feelings.

Overlook his most outstanding personal results.

Insist on following standard procedures.

Curtail or dampen his spirits.

Impose rules and regulations and expect him to comply.

Behave in a hostile way towards his initiatives without a good reason.

Be boring, unenthusiastic or dull.

Brush off or overlook his views.

Overlook his need for talking time.

Neglect to give appreciation and praise when deserved.

Put him on the spot, or criticise him in front of others.

Olunga in a Team – Here are some strategies for communicating with other types.
For effective communication within a team, we need to recognise and understand how the different types prefer to be communicated with. Here are some strategies for communicating with other types.

Communication with Red preference Do

Get straight to the point

Take ownership of problems

Keep up with their pace

Be prepared

Ask relevant, practical questions

Be organised and punctual

Keep to the agenda

Be positive and enthusiastic

Speak in a clear, assertive manner

Be short, sharp and gone

Do Not

Become emotional in discussions Appear negative or critical Waffle or procrastinate

Appear hesitant or unsure Interrupt

Challenge their authority Mumble or speak slowly Flit from topic to topic Disagree in public with them Tell them what to do

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2012 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The new Boeing 787 Dreamliner can carry about 250 passengers. This blog was viewed about 1,600 times in 2012. If it were a Dreamliner, it would take about 6 trips to carry that many people.

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