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Olunga Otieno

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The 4 Dimensions of Olunga Otieno
1st Dimension: How Olunga Sees Himself
One of his strengths is the initiating of new ideas, and an area for development is the completion of those new ideas. When he comes up with a new idea, he will immerse himself in it straight away. Olunga is lively, hard-working, passionate, responsible and influential. He is driven by his strong imagination to turn his ideas into fruition. He is happy to have a go at anything, but would prefer it to be hands-on rather than intellectual. He may switch off a job once it has become predictable and regular, and start looking for a new project.

He is happy to let others sort out the technical side of a project while he concentrates on creating a good working atmosphere. He has a sunny nature and because he doesn’t like painful situations, he may not confront his personal worries. Olunga can get irritable when he has to spend too much time on tedious tasks on his own. He has an interest in seeing the future possibilities in people and situations.

He wants to be recognised and praised and is de-motivated when others do not show approval or reject his ideas. Olunga achieves great satisfaction by being of service and assistance to others. Olunga is enthused by new challenges and demonstrates originality in achieving them. He enjoys learning new things and can overcome despondency by starting a new interesting project. He has a natural flair for presentation. He likes to work in an exciting and stimulating environment, and if it is not, he will work at creating that environment.

He enjoys the social interaction of work and has several projects on the go at the same time. He has an ability to correctly assess people and situations and will normally be right about the underlying motivation. He can still be upset when a relationship goes sour. He is motivated by future possibilities and the affect these possibilities may have on others. He can come up with more concepts, possibilities, plans and opportunities than the average human being. Olunga spreads warmth and enthusiasm. He sees positives in every situation and especially in other people. He is most effective mentally when he is working with people.

He is an eternal optimist, looking for a positive in every situation. Olunga demonstrates strong loyalty to the people in his team. He is an inspiring and gifted visionary who is able to motivate most people to action. Olunga is constantly searching for new ideas and experiences.

Olunga has a natural warmth, charm and ability to understand others which gives him a great deal of self-confidence. He is an effective leader, able to convince people of the benefits of his vision. His buoyant, extraverted nature may cause him to overlook the importance of some situations. Highly intuitive about others, Olunga cares for their future development. Olunga is a highly attractive and charming individual with a natural gift of the gab. He likes to be on the go with other busy people. How he feels is important to Olunga and he will bring a warm and friendly atmosphere into any work environment that he finds himself in.

Olunga is an attractive and well-liked colleague, using his quick wit and endless enthusiasm to good advantage. Olunga has an even-tempered and congenial nature that attracts people to him and he has a wide circle of friends and is known by a great number of people. His main objective is build a happy and harmonious relationship with the people he is in touch with. Highly socially aware, he is usually seen as charming, stylish, attractive and good company.

He is well known for his natural ability to motivate others and demonstrates excellent people skills. He does not welcome negative feedback about his personal style as he considers these to be defaming his character. He finds something positive in everyone and this is a strongly held value for him. He excels at communicating and uses his gift of eloquence to best effect. He likes to create an energetic and bustling environment around him.

He is inclined to make assumptions and can take action that is based on wrong information. His natural inquisitiveness will bring a fresh approach and “out of the box” ideas to the group. His preference for happy relationships will cause him to put a lot of energy into making them work. He sometimes makes decisions based on his emotional response to a situation rather than the facts about the situation. He tends to over promise because he wants to please others. He seems to make decisions based on his own emotions which may be as meaningful to him as more objective facts.

He likes projects which have a flexible timescale. If he concentrates more on facts and not just people, it would help his decision making. His sometimes haphazard, yet blunt approach, can sometimes make him seem inconsistent. When making decisions he may overstep his authority and have to apologise for not getting prior permission.

He prefers to get a group decision rather than impose his own opinion. He has a preference to talk through ideas which helps others to understand where he is coming from. He may put opinions of the team over data and facts when deciding on an action plan. His motto might be “Live now, pay later” and he tends to view the world by how his decisions impact on those around him. He likes to verbalise ideas with people and finds this a useful decision making strategy.

Strongest Areas
In no particular order, these are what Olunga considers to be his major strengths and intrinsic talents.

Articulate and Has highly developed
encouraging. social skills.
Adaptable and creates Flexible and all round
good relationships. people skills.

Starts new projects. Active and involved
member of the team.

Can be lively,
demonstrative and Warm and friendly.
Instinctive and positive. Discerning and creative.

3rd Dimension: Areas of Hidden Potential
Olunga has the following areas of potential growth

Can hold a grudge and Comes up with so many
ideas that it causes
make you aware of it.

Comes up with an May not see everything
answer before the he starts through to
question has been asked. completion..

Speaks out when May not look closely
criticised. enough at the details.

May not engage with Can become low in
others who have a spirits if faced with boring
quieter style than him. or tedious tasks.

Doesn’t like mundane Becomes intolerant with
too many similar and
tasks and will avoid them.
mundane tasks.

Olunga Otieno in a Team

These are the key attributes and talents Olunga brings to a team. Circulate the following pages around the team.

Exhibits great Is in tune with what’s
motivation, focus and happening with regard to
extraversion. personal interactions.

Starts projects, makes them happen and vindicates the outcomes.

Is hard working and committed to achieving results.

Is flexible, quick witted, creative and spontaneous.

Builds rapport by being Is prepared to lead by
sensitive and reactive. example.

Often the activities centre round his “performance” in a group.

Uses his natural people skills.

Finds it easy to make friends.

Olunga in a Team – Communicating with Olunga

Effective communication is essential to good teamwork, and individuals have preferred strategies that help them to send and receive the message. When we use their preferred style, we can reduce the barriers that may cause the message to be misinterpreted.

Here are strategies to help communicate with Olunga:

To Communicate Effectively What Not to Do

Allow time for team interaction.

Act in a positive and energetic manner.

Give detailed time scales and deadlines to ensure completion on time.

Boost his ego and sense of self-esteem.

Talk in an animated manner.

Make sure there is enough time for laughter and social interaction.

Be flexible when change of direction occurs.

Be approachable and allow time for extra curricula activities.

Motivate him by reminding him of previous successful outcomes.

Be concerned about his views and prepared to talk about private matters.

Give him low key and regular feedback.

Help him to keep to the structured plans.

Give the impression that you are not listening.

Develop a competitive or antagonistic atmosphere which doesn’t allow for feelings.

Overlook his most outstanding personal results.

Insist on following standard procedures.

Curtail or dampen his spirits.

Impose rules and regulations and expect him to comply.

Behave in a hostile way towards his initiatives without a good reason.

Be boring, unenthusiastic or dull.

Brush off or overlook his views.

Overlook his need for talking time.

Neglect to give appreciation and praise when deserved.

Put him on the spot, or criticise him in front of others.

Olunga in a Team – Here are some strategies for communicating with other types.
For effective communication within a team, we need to recognise and understand how the different types prefer to be communicated with. Here are some strategies for communicating with other types.

Communication with Red preference Do

Get straight to the point

Take ownership of problems

Keep up with their pace

Be prepared

Ask relevant, practical questions

Be organised and punctual

Keep to the agenda

Be positive and enthusiastic

Speak in a clear, assertive manner

Be short, sharp and gone

Do Not

Become emotional in discussions Appear negative or critical Waffle or procrastinate

Appear hesitant or unsure Interrupt

Challenge their authority Mumble or speak slowly Flit from topic to topic Disagree in public with them Tell them what to do


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