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While you are away…..A response from my best friend from Ghana, Modupe Gold to my letter while you are away …/3

My True Gentleman,
It took a long time, in fact too long to hear from you once again….I thought maybe in the process of working on yourself whiles I was away, you found your way to another woman’s heart and bosom. I couldn’t help but think so. Reading from you today is the best thing that has happened to me in over a year. I must confess, anytime I felt like writing to you, floods of thoughts of you being with another woman overwhelms me. It drowns me till I choke on thoughts. I became sick and have not fully recovered from that emotional self induced pain. Please forgive me. I should have trusted you enough. Now, my joy is full reading all the nice words from you as well as all the heartwarming revelations. Thank you for writing to me once again. Thank you my dearest one, “Asante Asana “!!!
You referred to me as “royal loveliness”, those words have rejuvenated my whole being and the gladness that fills my heart is indescribable. I feel alive and my head is dizzy with excitement like that of a teenager who has fallen in love for the first time. I miss you, I miss you so very much, and if you will pardon my impulsiveness, I wish to state here before I continue that I wish to come home- I want to come back home, home to you my dearest one and to the beautiful children we, both of us brought to this world. Maybe it is true, what they say that, absence makes the heart grow fonder. Yes! If you don’t mind, I just want to come home immediately.
I believe strongly that we can live a less stressful and tormenting love life now that we have both assessed ourselves and have identified our strength and weaknesses. I believe that we are now more matured and can handle our misunderstandings and emotional lapses better. I am convinced we can. We will together, use our strength to build our family stronger and at the same time compliment each other’s weakness. Some of My strengths are your weakness and some of your weaknesses are my strength. My dear, if we both have realized and admit that it’s not power struggle nor a competition to find the winner or the loser, then we will make it, we can live a blissful and a comfortable life, I dare say, YES WE CAN.

KARAMBU, GATWIRI and NKIROTE, the three perfect jewels we have. I am glad to hear about their individual progress. I am so proud of them, and I am still more proud that they came out of both of us. My dearest, that is how strong we have been and can be. The fact that you said that they are an epitome of both of us confirms what I feel, that you and I can be stronger in our moments of weakness when we tap into each other’s energy.(inergy)
I smiled reading your narration about your encounter with the lady on the flight. Hmmm I can only say that, let us respect the passion and choice of our little girl and groom her, with all the support we can to make her the best in her career. Let us do our best to protect her with our love and not destroy her with our love. For the other two girls, KARAMBU and GATWIRI, we can see that they are more of accademic whiz kid but caution; they are not any better than the last one. Ooooh? Did I say the last one? I don’t mind having another child with you, a child that will seal our love forever. If he happens to be a boy, I would love him a footballer but that is just my fantasy. Anyway, point is lets love them all and respect their personalities, after all, times have changed and the opportunities are limitless.
Why won’t I forgive you my dearest one?, when YOU have openly admitted and confessed how you turned me against you instead of for you, how you forced me to fit in the love you created and how you never allowed me to love you with my all. You were busy creating the woman you wanted without paying attention to the woman you had and the strength within her. You destroyed me and I allowed it till we got to that point. But it does not matter anymore. I forgive you because you asked me to, I forgive you because I want to love you once more and for the rest of my life, I forgive you because it is the only thing I can give myself so I can have my family back. I forgive you because I love you that much, yes I still do. If God in heaven gives us countless chances who am I to say I won’t give you another chance?
My dearest, my heart if full of joy now that I have poured out all its content. I know what I want. I hope you will not fight me this time for being sure of what I want… (laughs). I want to be with you from now and every other cold night to come, so that my part of the bed will be warm.
My joy is full and I look forward to reading from you ASAP.Come for me and let’s renew our vow using our own word and not the same old cliché. (Pls don’t tell father I said that, ***)
I have to end here because ECG took their power as usual and I am also using a candle. I couldn’t wait for the lights to be restored. I am glad I have given you the reason to smile ; and happy you are also the reason for my smile. I bet you miss it, don’t you?
Bless the girls for me and tell them mummy will be home soon. Take care.
Till we meet again,
Yours Truly


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