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A Beautiful Woman

Her eyes are drenched in the tears of worship,

She is barefoot in the kitchen of grace,

She is pregnant with purpose,

She knows her worth,

She walks in distinction,

In the confidence of the ultimate artistic designer,

Called to so much more than make up, clothes and shoes or dropping it like its hot,


She is a woman of different status,

She doesn’t run arround complaining about how there are no good men,

Because she knows that if she pays as much attention to the inside as she does to the out she won’t draw the wrong attention,

She is slow to speak and quick to listen,

She receives her interventions from a higher dimension,

Seeking purpose, watching her God given vision coming to fruition,

Her values deeply rooted in Proverbs 31,

And always will to hear from the women with grey hair.


A beautiful woman is love,

She speaks,she eats,she she breathes, she gives,

She even sweats love,

She is drawn to a real man,

She may not know how he got there but she will understand that man more than even he understands himself,

She sees him for who he is and not for his wealth or lack thereof,

Or mistakes that he made in the past,

She wants a man who works on making it last,

Coz she is the greatest of sisters, daughters and mothers,

Nieces you could be proud of and sensual lovers,

And she is her man’s best friend,


A beautiful woman won’t accept a bad name,

Coz she is not in heat or in the street so why so many like that name and she like to be called it?

And men who call her that should be ashamed because she is nothing less than a queen!

What I mean is she deserves nothing less than a king,

She stands up for herself even when she is weak,

She allows a real man to sweep her off her feet,

Coz she is a natural soldier,

a true survivor,

an independent woman,

and an equal provider,

A rider just beside her man for the whole haul!


And she would carry her man when he begins to fall,

Because contrary to popular belief men do get weak,

And she is what it takes to make a real man complete,

She wears the heavens as her gown,

The stars are her tears

And the sun is her smile,

That it never dims through the years,

And the Oceans are her womb,

 And when she makes life,

She holds her loved ones tight,

All holes she will make right,

And for her man she will fight,

And she won’t give up.

And if you are a real woman then don’t give up,


She can excite her man to new heights of sexual bliss,

And can get him aroused with just a simple kiss,

A gesture, a word or a mere thought of a touch,

She can make him feel like he can’t get enough,

She is submissive when she sees that the time is right,

Then she is aggressive,

To show her man that her love is real,

By giving him something that only he can feel.


A beautiful woman will stroke a real man’s ego,

She is his equal,

She follows him wherever he goes,

To remind him to be strong,

And that she always got his back,

His front,

His sides,

And everywhere else as a matter of fact,

She is the type that makes life sing a song about her,

Must be nice to be right where others were wrong about her,

A real man can’t last long without her,

She is truly his other half,

His better half,

May be even better than halves,


She is the yank to his YANK

Every other link in his chain,

She thinks like his thinks like she has a link to his brain,

She seems insane,

In the bedroom she only sings his name,

And dreams of the day she received a ring in his name,

But not every woman will be strong,

Or have what it takes,

But not every man can recognize a beautiful woman right away,

But I will go on to live my life,

And I will leave it as usual as usual,

Till the day that God sends one beautiful woman my way.


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