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The C Word-by one of my best Girls Purity Murugi

Why do relationships end ?
With such a sudden thud
The lack of the c word
Is just the answer
Or is it the inappropriate use of it
Leading to Misunderstanding

My girl doesn’t respect me he says
My man does not love me anymore
He pays no attention to me
He used to text daily and tell me sweet nothings
She does not look as great as she did before
She let it all go when we got married
I feel like i am dating my grandma
This is a scene set up at a marriage counseling center day one
Let me take you through to how it all begun

One beautiful day
Sun shining brighter than ever
It was for a reason i remember
It must have been you my Zuhura
Brighter than the sun daughter of the moon
My love beautiful is an understatement
Her smile so brilliant enough to light a thousand nights
My eyes detected her smile
My attention stolen
My brain coming to a halt
synthesizing the effect of that light
Like sunlight on a green leaf
Causing water air and the nutrients to form food for the plant
My heart edified by your presence
That is what i call communication

your tender touch on my hand
A call to walk together
Shall we dance your tender voice whispers as though we were stealing the dance
our hearts connected
No miscommunication
Like a phone to a charger am connected
And like a switch to the power you ignite me

The hi’s ans byes
The misses and kisses
Saying i love you was so easy
We needed no words to communicate
The dance in the ball room
hand in hand and step by step
our feet and bodies
Moving in synchrony
No need to communicate
Our hearts beat as one
Our minds in unison
Switched to a monotone
Telepathy is the only way to explain it
No need for an Ariel the connection telepathic telegraphic
How Magnificent
No need for carriers
We are on wireless

A beautiful stary night
Moonlight shining down
The skyscrapers standing tall
All the world at pause
Watching and waiting
Upon one knee i see you set
In that beautiful restaurant
the saxophone playing in the background
Tunes in c, d and f
How melodious

In silence i wait
Patiently for that question
what will i answer must be the question killing him
My heart said it long ago
It was yes
But neither him nor the people in the restaurant know that
When i smiled that first day across the room
And you smiled right back
It was magical
My heart skipped a beat and am sure yours too
Like Jesus and John talking
Both in their mothers wombs
Its called resonance

And if i wasn’t wrong
He called it rhythm
Our minds and hearts
Danced at the mere thought of being together
our feet tapping in complete synchrony

let me take you back to that night
he says will you
And i hesitate
Then i say yes
This affirms his wish

The ring not as expensive
The thought priceless
And now
we are walking down the isle
And our souls become one
No man shall put us asunder

Flowers and chocolates
Sweet words and lovely texts
Tweets and inboxes
We talk hours on end saying nothing and it’s alright
You call just to say hi or nothing
I smile and my tummy fills with butterflies all because of a call
You can tell I am smiling just by the tone in my voice

Days turn into weeks and months become years
You don’t call and when you do it is to say you are working late
I don’t get the birthday calls or texts
No flowers on valentines
And our anniversary seems like a bad memory
You hardly eat at home
Or sleep in it either
We used to talk hours on end
But now end seems to have been pressed on our conversations
It gets worse because none of us tries anymore
You are arrogant and don’t care
I am hurt and too sad to ask
When I speak I am complaining
So I am hush and not complaining

You married a pretty girl
A star fashionista
And now
A glance at her with a stocking on her head
You still left to wonder if that was for her legs or her head
The more reason you find her upside down
Big t-shirt on sweat pants and socks
Not your idea of sexy
She doesn’t listen or so you think
She doesn’t cook either
Too withdrawn and busy
I wish we could talk
Just like old times

I wish she would dress up sometime
I would take her out for dinner
We would dance talk and laugh
Oh what beautiful days we had
Always grumpy and complaining
I would rather hang out with the boys
I miss the girl I dated
The beautiful woman I married

To be or not to be is the question
We find ourselves in front of a marriage counselor
Quiet and uncertain of what to say we sit there
No one can see eye to eye
We don’t talk anymore
I am shouting and he is shouting me down
Who ever said you could defeat noise with more of it

The pastor says a prayer
Lord let your will be done in our conversations
And the meeting begins
So what is the problem here dear ones
It’s her, No it is him
She won’t cook,
She won’t show me any respect anymore
She smiles no more than she greets me

While I listen
My eyes give way
Tears fall down my face
Salt concentrated and bitter
I can’t believe what he is saying
His words pierce my heart like a sharp knife

Then it’s my time to speak
And I can’t help but imagine how divine we were
I hope I would see him more
Like he would come home to me
Eat more of my cooking
Get to bed before I doze off
I wish he would just talk to me
Maybe listen a little more than judge
I wish he was home more than he is
Then we would have that beautiful family he longs for
I don’t talk because am complaining each time I do
Or so he thinks
And why don’t I smile no more
Because you stole my smile from my lips

Shocked beyond words
He realizes how ignorant he was
The miscommunication the lack of too
Her constant call for attention
His inattention
Regrets and mistakes
Damage already done
Divorce papers at hand

He could have should have
Said something
Listened when she spoke
Came home more often
But he didn’t
She could have would have
Asked him maybe
If he wasn’t always away
Or not listening when he was here
They could have communicated
But they didn’t
And now it’s over
Talk say something
Before it all goes to the dogs.


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