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Black Roses

While falling is to human, in love must be to humanity; and in silence–a rare occurrence. So pardon me when I confess that last weekend I fell for two men at first sight. Just like that. As you would imagine, it was overwhelming. But nothing I couldn’t handle, particularly because I fall a lot. I once fell on the stairs leading up to my office lobby, and a stranger walking in picked me up. Then he recognized me from Twitter. Now tell me that wasn’t a classic case of literally falling at first sight. Only this time, the one who fell hardly used their sight appropriately. Another time, after a rainy night I fell on the muddy terrain that used to be Mutindwa market’s ragged path. But those are embarrassing moments. So it’s with pleasure that I am sharing my love stories: sandwiches, pajamas, music, and most recently Downton Abbey…

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