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The Art of Giving

I once watched on an episode of Seventh Heaven, the Reverend taking off his shoes and giving them to a man who must have been homeless and walked on his bare feet for such a long time.The Reverend then walked home bare feet leaving behind the man wallowing in an enormous sense of joy over what perhaps was his first pair of shoes ever.

That was a long time ago when I watched the episode. I may have been 9 or 10 I can’t remember. I do remember though that from that episode I took with me a lesson that i have tried to live with as I grow up.The Art of Giving. I have learnt over time the art of giving and giving truly from the heart can change someones life. Not just the receiver but the giver too.By giving you are a blessing to someone, and when they say thank you they declare a blessing over you. When so many people speak blessings over your life you live a long happy life. If you think am kidding try living a life where everyone speaks negative about you. I child neighbor of mine once told me that when you give what you have to others, you send Rose Flowers to heaven and your heavenly garden blossoms for when you get there.

And giving is not just a church or a christian thing, we should all give and give every day. And we don’t have to be rich to give,Pope John Paul the 2nd once said that no one is so poor that they have nothing to give nor so rich that they have nothing to receive.Everything you give counts and there is no such thing a a little gift. You remember the bible story of the widow’s offering? (Mark 12:41-44)

I have drawn real life experiences of giving from my mother, My grandmother and my uncle Benjamin. These three have never had so much and they struggle to get the very little they own.For example my grandmother never had a job and as a result she hard to work really hard to bring us up. What she got from her struggle was always barely enough to feed us but she still would let in a girl who had been thrown out of her home by her parents because she was pregnant or woman who had to ran from her violent husband. I don’t remember a time in my childhood when it was just us, there was always someone who had run from something and found shelter in our home.It’s no wonder grandma has lived a very happy and healthy life over the years.

And giving should never be just for the sake of it.The intention behind your giving is the most important thing. The intention should always be to create happiness for both the giver and the receiver.If you experience resentment and a feeling of “I don’t really want to give this to this person, but I feel that I have to” or “I really should give them something,” this is probably what ultimately will come back to you. Perhaps in this case, you need to consider not giving the gift at all.

Giving should also not be a way of getting rid of the stuff we have used for years and that we don’t need any more.Giving should never be about our own needs but the needs of others and so it should be about getting rid of what we don’t need.

Do not give to be seen, but also never be afraid to be seen giving. Giving is a way of giving thanks to the lord, for life and everything he has given to us and in the same way we are boisterous in praising we should not give in hiding.

Give and it shall come back to you….


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