The Road to Meru

I have been to Meru only once in my lifetime. My first trip to Meru I remember very well was on the 24th of August, 2011, a date which has become very important to me and a very wonderful, loving, caring, beautiful daughter of the Ameru people I was going to meet on that day. The trip was awfully long and tiring something which having no prior knowledge of really frustrated me as I sat in Nissan Matatu for nearly 4hours much with my heart out in my hand trying to come to terms with the ridiculous speed at which I was being driven. I thank God I got to Meru in one piece and my HOSTS came to recieve from Meru’s main terminus (she tagged her sister along).The rest is history as they say but the climax in this particular history is that on the 24th of August, 2012 Joy Karemu Mwenda and I will be marking our first year as a couple.

But that’s not why I am writing, so don’t get me wrong. I am writing because I am to be on the road to Meru yet again and at the rate at which things are going it seems I will have to make a lifetime of trips to this lovely place to see its lovely people, Her Royal Loveliness my beloved Joy, the Queen of my Heartshire and my light (she brings sunshine to my life) wants indeed to take this all the way.But that’s besides the point.

You see the 1st of June is Madaraka day to you but to me it is Her Royal Loveliness’ Birthday so I really must go to Meru, I have no choice (if you know what I mean).And thank God for the Super Highway the trip will be slightly shorter this time. Moreover, I have no intentions of using public transport since my engineer friend Waweru has benevolently offer to hook me up with a ride and he and Jim will alternate as drivers (at least this time I can dictate the speed).

But going to Meru for Her Royal Loveliness’ The Queen of my Heartshire’s birthday is important to the both of us because of what we are going to do. We have agreed to rendezvous in Meru town then drive to the Ark International Children’s Home and spend the day with the children there sharing with them what we have as my lady enters the big 22. This is a cause that is very important to both our hearts (she has a thing for charity) and that really draws me closer to her. We’ll plant trees  and cut a cake (whatever you do a girl’s birthday must have a cake with it). So many of our friends have been as kind to donate somethings we can share with the kids, from books, to school supplies, to sanitary towels you name it, while some more of our friends have agreed to join us in this noble initiative.

So yet again I am on the road to Meru as and just like the last time it is a trip that will change my life.

I will upload all the photos when I get back


2 comments on “The Road to Meru

  1. hahaha! Its a trip that am also looking forward to! And praying for a safe and enjoyable trip, on the Road to Meru and back. Can’t also wait to know your “Her Royal Loveliness, your beloved Joy, the Queen of your Heartshire and your light (the one who brings sunshine to your life)”

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