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I know good quality work when I see it

Faith & I

I 1st met JOe almost a year ago, through his work!!! *interesting huh? I saw some wedding images on Facebook and I was completely blown away. I hunted the photographer down and I found that we were campus mates at JKUAT at one time, his name was JOe Makeni. Ever since his work has been a great inspiration to me, and I also learned more to his awesome work He fears God, and that is the ingredient of every success. I asked him some 10 silly questions…here is the outcome….

1. What’s the story behind the Capital J & O in JOe?
It was a typo that happened a number of times and so I decided to adopt it.
2. What is the one thing that you would want the world to remember JOe for?
For my images and for mastery of light which I am trusting God for.

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